Austin Kitty Limits

'Austin Kitty Limits' is a world famous annual cat show held in Texas and hosted by Austin Cat Fanciers, now in its 53rd year.

This series documents cat culture, its unique characters the competitors’ camaraderie as they prepare their soon to be famous felines for the show ring. The show attracts local and international exhibitors, spectators and judges from all over the world, who show everything from pedigrees to household cats over one hectic weekend.

The cats are judged on Best of Color, Division, Breed and Best in Show. Show cats have first given names, show names and have a long feline family tree based on their pedigree heritage.

Showing cats and breeding of pedigree cats is a way of life for a lot of these contestants and cat fanatics, keeping them constantly on the road cat with their pampered cats and a full calendar of events all year round.

I am intrigued by the surge of domestic cats’ viral content in the media, due to some unusual looking cats like Lil Bub, Grumpy Cat and Old Long Johnson gaining cult status as Youtube sensations. As a cat owner myself, I am also interested in the stereotype of crazy cat owners being synonymous with their cats characteristics and how it could translate to their owners."

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