Pretty Much

In his latest body of work, Sandy Carson turns his wry wit to cataloging the year 2020, an uncertain and unprecedented time where the world began navigating the ‘new normal.’

Brilliantly observed and utterly relatable, these photographs (amassed mostly during lockdown in Austin, Texas and entirely during the calendar year) observe and document family relationships, grief, protests, social issues, and everyday street life as Carson left home to exercise and escape for his own sanity by foot or on his bike. Curious pairings evoke the interconnectedness many of us felt.

On the street or just around the corner, a timeless, heartfelt, and absurdist lens joins with Sandy’s hopeful approach to storytelling, inviting the observer to take a deep breath, buckle up and hold on just a bit longer. It’s a gentle reminder that someday, these days will be worth remembering. Pretty much.

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